Senzo Mgabhi, 2020

I write this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude to Julian Baring Scholarship for generously accepting to pay off the outstanding fees so I can graduate.

Thank you very much, please kindly pardon my formality, as I am writing this letter with teary eyes, this means a lot to me. You may be aware that our journey started in 2016, even when I added years on my program; you were willing to stretch your hand. My words cannot suffice; formality will rob you the true expression of what I feel in my heart. You became the mother I lost as a teenager, my prayer is that you have a surplus and may God see the dreams of those who have been contributing.

It has always been my dream to acquire quality education to serve communities and contribute to making this world a better place. As a teenager, I wrote in my dream-book that I wanted to be a Chemical Engineering expert. An MSc Chemical Engineering qualification serves as a stamp of certification and also provides many learning opportunities while contributing in a process. I promise to use the knowledge and skills attained to add value to the local and global communities.

Thank you very much for your generosity. It has been a long yet fulfilling academic journey. As the African proverb states; a million mouths cannot fully express the depth of my gratitude.