Justin Baring presents the JBSF initiatives to the Blackrock World Mining Trust AGM 

Following The World Mining Trust’s generous donation to The Julian Baring Scholarship Fund to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Blackrock World Mining Trust, Justin Baring presented the Trusts activities to shareholders at their AGM held at Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL

Extract from The Blackrock World Mining Trust 2023 Annual report

In celebration of the Company’s 30th anniversary, the Board agreed to make an annual donation of US$15,000 over three years to the Julian Baring Scholarship Fund (the Fund). The Fund was established in 2000 in the name of the Company’s first fund manager, Julian Baring. The advisers to the Fund, with the support of the industry, endow annual scholarships for talented, but financially disadvantaged, students in Africa and South America to continue their studies and to pursue a career in the mining industry.

The Fund has assisted more than 150 individuals since inception in mining related faculties.  Following Chip Goodyear’s appointment last August, he sought approval to waive his rights to compensation related to his role as a Director of the Company.

This waiver was at his initiative and request. The Board discussed the matter and decided it was appropriate to donate annually to the Fund an amount equivalent to Chip’s Director’s fee, in addition to the US$15,000 on the preceding page. With our previous support at the time of the Company’s 25th anniversary, the Fund was able to broaden its reach from Africa to include South America.

The Board receives regular updates from the Fund trustees about students past and present and their progress and Justin Baring, the chair of the Fund, will provide a brief introduction to shareholders at the forthcoming AGM.