Annual scholarships for talented, but financially disadvantaged, African students

Established in 2000, the Julian Baring Scholarship Fund was created in the name of well-known gold fund manager, Julian Baring, in celebration of his two great passions – mining and Africa. The charitable trust is set up as a Donor Advised Fund under the Charities Aid Foundation, which is a registered UK charity, number 268369. We are also a registered UK charity in our own right, number 1198064


The advisors to the fund, with the support of the industry and those in it, will endow annual scholarships for talented, but financially disadvantaged, African and Latin-American students to continue their studies and pursue a career in the competitive mining industry.

The Fund has come a long way in the thirteen years since inception thanks to the hard work and support of both trustees and friends. In 2006, the Fund was given a major boost when it was generously awarded 1% of the initial equity in WitsGold. This has provided a fantastic base and security for the Fund’s future and means that we can begin to look at expanding its scope, both in terms of numbers of students supported and at different levels of their education and potentially its geographical spread.

It is a very exciting time for the Julian Baring Scholarship Fund and we are hoping, with further support both in terms of funding and corporate industry partnerships, to be able to make an even more significant contribution to the skills and resources available to the industry, not forgetting the enormous impact we are able to make on the lives of those who are awarded the Scholarships.